Sustainability/diversity statement

Sustainability/diversity statement

Integrated into the Provençal village of Malaucène since 1850, Le 37 is a welcoming place that we want to be as responsible and ecological as possible.

Making Le 37 a sustainable and ecological place is important to us

This approach is progressive, but continuous. We’ve preserved as much as possible the existing plantings upon our arrival and added others, notably several ornamental shrubs, with the aim of maintaining a suitable and diverse habitat for wild inhabitants, particularly birds. Site lighting is designed to emit dim light where possible to guide you safely where you are going but without disturbing our Indigenous residents.

In practice, we respect the following objectives:

  • use fewer or no chemicals;
  • reduce plastic pots (if not reuse them), favor earthen pots;
  • save water, by planting carefully according to the soil and climate (plants resistant to drought and harsh winters), by mulching to retain humidity and by watering the lawns at a minimum;
  • make our compost or choose products packaged in compostable bags;
  • manage plantations and their maintenance;
  • plant flowers that attract pollinators and allow wild areas to do their work naturally;
  • install bird nesting boxes;
  • give priority to electricity rather than gasoline;
  • start with the least toxic remedy to resolve pest or weed problems;
  • minimizing waste is a priority. We recycle and reuse as much as possible. Vegetable peelings are added to compost and beverage refrigerators are turned off out of season. We buy as much local produce as possible. Reducing waste and energy consumption is a constant concern.

Why is your privacy important to us?

Everyone is welcomed at Le 37, without discrimination or prejudice. We adhere to equality and diversity, we adapt to dietary requirements, offer vegan foods on request, welcome and treat everyone with fairness and respect.

Our core values: be kind, honest and act with integrity towards couples, their families and friends, our suppliers and our team, but also favor local suppliers and service providers who share our ethics in the nearby community. If you think we can improve on site or in all forms of our communication (website, social networks and print media), do not hesitate to let us know at

We look forward to welcoming you to Le 37.

This statement was updated on 12/25/2023.